Toleno L

The two berth Toleno L van conversion is compact, comfortable and distinctive in looks. Designed for intrepid couples looking for an easy to drive vehicle that will take them wherever their heart desires, and then provide a luxurious base to rest for the next big adventure.

  • 2 Berth
  • 2 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
Toleno-L-van-conversion-motorhome-2.png toleno_l.png
Toleno R

Perfectly suited to small, adventure seeking families, or couples with visiting friends, the Toleno R returns for another exciting season. Travel anywhere, rest at ease and explore to your hearts content in this easy to drive and comfortable compact van conversion.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
toleno-r-van-conversion-motorhome.png toleno_r.png
Toleno S

The most recent addition to the Toleno range. This two berths compact 6.36m Toleno S van conversion is ready and waiting to embark on romantic weekend breaks, extended European tours and journeys along the British coast.

  • 2 Berth
  • 2 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
Toleno-S-van-conversion-motorhome.png toleno_s.png
Zefiro 675

The ultimate vehicle for large adventurous families, the six berth Zefiro 675 makes an ideal family base. The whole family will feel at ease in the 675, thanks to the comfortable and stylish updated upholstery and dark wood furniture and vinyl flooring.

  • 6 Berth
  • 6 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
zefiro_675.png zefiro_675.png
Zefiro 690

Embark on open roads, breath-taking scenery and endless journeys with your nearest and dearest in the Zefiro 690. A fresh look interior means you and your family can be comfortable while relaxing in one of the most stylish motorhomes on the market.

  • 6 Berth
  • 6 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
zefiro-690.png zefiro_690.png
Zefiro 685

A popular choice in sporting, travelling families, the Zefiro 685 motorhome sleeps up to five people in a combination of fixed and make up beds. The high rear twin beds make way for an abundance of storage space, so all your favourite sporting equipment is never far from hand when on the road.

  • 4 (5 optional) Berth
  • 4 (5 optional) Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
zefiro-685.png zefiro-685.png
Zefiro 696

Expert craftsmanship is clear in the spacious design of the Zefiro 696, cleverly using every inch of space. If you’re a family who enjoy the finer things in life, the Zefiro 696 will allow you to travel wherever your heart desires without compromising on luxurious living.

  • 4 (5 optional) Berth
  • 4 (5 optional) Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
zefiro-696.png zefiro_696.png
Zefiro Sport

The Zefiro Sport is a guaranteed success among sports fanatics and adventure lovers. Hosting impressive internal storage and a huge garage with a tall ‘maxi’ side door means every piece of sporting equipment can be taken with you wherever you venture.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
zefiro-sport.png zefiro-sport.png
Zefiro 665

Introducing for 2021 the brand-new Zefiro 665 range. This four-berth, compact motorhome is the perfect travelling companion for families and couples alike. Equipped for any adventure, view the latest addition to the Zefiro line-up today.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
zefiro-665.png zefiro-665.png
Auto-Roller 746

Whether you’re a large family or just enjoy hosting an evening of entertainment and drinks, the Auto-Roller 746 will fit your criteria. The sophisticated and spacious design of this motorhome suits families and friends alike.

  • 6 Berth
  • 5 (6 @ 3650Kg)* Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
autoroller-746.png autoroller-746.png
Auto-Roller 707

Whether you’re a large family, love to travel with friends or are always welcoming unexpected guests when out exploring, the magnificent seven berth Auto-Roller 707 is your first-choice of motorhome. The impressive design and lavish bed layouts makes for a guaranteed peaceful night’s sleep.

  • 6 Berth
  • 5 (6 @ 3650kg)* Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
autoroller707.png auto-roller-707.png
Auto-Roller 747

Bring family and friends together in the Auto-Roller 747’s masses of relaxation space. Innovative design, solid construction and modern styling combine to deliver an unbelievably sophisticated and well thought out motorhome.

  • 6 Berth
  • 5 (5 @ 3650Kg)* Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
autoroller-747.png autoroller-747.png
T-Line 590

Suited to small families or couples, the T-Line 590 is the smallest in the T-Line range coming in at under 6m. Despite its slight size, the 590 never compromises on luxury features with an expansive specification beyond your imagination.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
t-line-590.png t-line-590.png
T-Line 740

Delicate upholstery and sumptuous design combine with a practical layout and first class sleeping arrangements in the T-Line 740 to bring a touch of modern urban living to the open road. You’ll have never stepped into such a sanctuary on wheels as the T-Line 740 delivers.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
t-line_740.png t-line-740.png
T-Line 743

Returning for 2021, the T-Line 743 boasts a transverse island bed and favourable L-shaped kitchen. This four berth motorhome makes no compromise when it comes to modern and practical living on the road.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
t-line_743.png t-line_743.png
Pegaso 740

Whether travelling as a couple, with young children or as four adults, the Pegaso 740 A-Class motorhome magnificently delivers space and comfort on all accounts. Choose this Italian motorhome with UK features and a modern interior for life’s journey, no matter where it takes you.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
pegaso_740.png pegaso-740.png
Pegaso 745

For spacious day time relaxing areas and sumptuous night time sleeping arrangements, choose the four berth, top of the range Pegaso 745. With the largest bed coming in at an incredible 7ft by 6.1ft, you’ll never want to return home.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
pegaso-745.png pegaso_745.png
Pegaso 590

At under 6m in length the Pegaso 590 cleverly combines a nimble drive and compact motorhome with sophisticated and first-class living quarters. Discover the Pegaso 590 and uncover the most affordable new A-Class motorhome on the market.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 120 BHP (as standard)
pegaso_590.png pegaso-590.png
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Roller Team have recently become an NCC member

Published on Wednesday 20th December 2017

Auto-Roller 2021 motorhome external graphics

Official NCC Member

Roller Team are delighted to announce that we have recently become an NCC approved member.

All new motorhomes will be approved under the NCC Product Approval Scheme – giving our customers the utmost peace of mind that our products are of high quality.

You can be assured that Roller Team motorhomes are safe and comply with all industry construction regulations and standards. The NCC ensure manufacturers provide consumer protection over and above the requirements of British/European standards through their Product Approval Scheme.

Is it legal and safe to use? Check for the NCC Approval badge

All Roller Team prototype models will be checked and inspected by the NCC

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Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes drives forward with Roller Team

Published on Monday 11th December 2017

A huge welcome to Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes

We would like to warmly welcome our new and trusted Roller Team dealer, Peter Roberts Caravans and Motorhomes. Peter Roberts are a family run business who pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service. Their passion and enthusiasm for our luxurious Italian brand allows us to build upon our relationships and distribute our much loved motorhomes within the UK.

Location: Steps Industrial Park, Honley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD9 6RA

Contact: Call 01484 662774 or email


Peter Roberts, Managing Director, states:

“This is an exciting time for our

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Introducing the new 2018 Pegaso with UK habitation door

Published on Thursday 2nd November 2017

Roller Team Pegaso 740 dinette

The new 2018 Pegaso

Introducing the new stylish A-class Pegaso 740 with UK habitation door. Roller Team launched the first ever A-Class motorhome to the UK back in 2016. Now new for 2018, we have introduced a UK habitation access door and drivers cab access door for added convenience and practically.

The Pegaso 740 is known for its outstanding Italian features and beautiful interior design. It’s unique style and desirable aesthetic is guaranteed to have friends and family talking about your new leisure vehicle.

The Pegaso 740 has the berth and seatbelt option of 2,4 and 6 – perfect for a romantic getaway or family trip to the Lake District. The A-Class motorhome has a central washroom and rear

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Andy Bond's motorhome holiday adventure

Published on Wednesday 1st November 2017

Andy Bond's adventure!

Experience Andy Bond's long weekend away in the Roller Team Auto-Roller. A motorhome is a great way to add a little adventure into your holiday, and we love to hear about the adventures our Roller Team owners have in their leisure vehicles.

New to motorhomes, Andy Bond shares his first time experience of travelling for a long weekend away in a motorhome with his toddler.

You can read the full article here...

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The Manchester Motorhome Show

Published on Thursday 15th December 2016

The 2017 Manchester Motorhome Show

Don't miss the first motorhome show of the 2017 season in Manchester, running from the 19th - 22nd of January.

This year will see Go European representing the Roller Team brand.

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The Zefiro 685 - New for 2017

Published on Friday 28th October 2016

The Zefiro 685 Motorhome

The newest addition to Zefiro for 2017, the 685, affords you the luxury of two single beds in this value for money Roller Team range. Below the singles is masses of storage, also accessible from large external ‘G’ doors. Featuring a low profile and an electric drop down double bed above the lounge, this flexible and spacious layout delivers 5 belts and 5 berths, catering for both families and couples who entertain the occasional guests.

Improved specification for this season:

Zefiro and Auto-Roller:

  • New Truma C4E electrical heating and hot water
  • 2nd TV Aerial positioned to the rear
  • New table in 746 & 747 for improved bed make up. (Auto-Roller only)

New innovations across

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Roller Team 2017 Product Launch - Tuscany

Published on Thursday 28th July 2016

Roller Team 2017 Motorhomes

After another very successful season, the 6th of July saw the 2017 Roller Team Product launch take place in Siena, Italy.

Over 20 members and their colleagues from UK dealer network, as well as the Press from the most popular motorhome magazines, were invited to attend two nights in the heart of Tuscany, where they had the opportunity tour the Poggi Bonsi production facility as well as the SEA A-class factory. Seeing first-hand the way in which this European brand creates its product in its high tech manufacturing facility.

One interesting aspect of this production line is they run in a very lean manner, delivering the necessary components for each vehicle to the

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Stock Location

Published on Friday 24th June 2016

Find your perfect motorhome

The 2016 season has been a tremendous success for the Roller Team brand within the UK and further afield in Europe. These vehicles have been so popular over the last 12 months that UK stocks are at an all-time low level, which can make finding the perfect Roller Team motorhome a challenging experience.

To ensure you have the best chance to fine the specific model you are looking for, you can call us directly on 01472 571000 and we will be able to tell you exactly where any available Roller Team vehicles are located.

Alternatively, please use our dealer finder on our website which will inform you of the nearest Roller Team retailer.

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Roller Team’s A Class Success

Published on Tuesday 9th February 2016

Roller Team’s A Class

The Glasgow Motorhome show took place last weekend with several of our partners taking part including BC Motorhomes and Dicksons of Perth. Feedback has been that it was an excellent event with unofficial figures reporting footfall up by 2500 over the four days.

Roller Team were excited to unveil our first A Class motorhome in the UK at the show where it was received extremely well by customers and press alike. BC Motorhome’s Andy Whiteley was the first partner to sell this brand new model and a total of two Pegaso 740s were sold in Glasgow over the course of the event.

Overall Roller Team had a very successful few days securing product sales totalling 1.1 million pounds,

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Roller Team launches first ever A-Class to the UK

Published on Wednesday 20th January 2016

The first ever Roller Team A-Class motorhome

Named Pegaso 740, this highly specified new A-Class motorhome from Roller Team is a four berth vehicle with a luxurious height adjustable rear island bed. Design features dominate this unit’s interior, providing a fantastic combination of practicality and style. The Pegaso has a functional and spacious wash room centrally situated and moving forward a well equipped kitchen with large fridge freezer. The lounge area boasts an L-shaped dinette, offering two extra seat belts and double electric drop-down bed to the front cab area.

The layout is very similar to our popular T-Line 740, however the additional living space an A-Class provides will ensure

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