Zefiro 675

Excellent for families with children, this 6 berth hi-line motorhome offers a comfortable place to relax on holiday. For a great night’s sleep, the 675 includes 2 double beds, with a large over cab bed and twin rear bunk beds. If you don’t need all three beds, the bottom bunk bed can be easily stowed away creating a large storage space ideal for bicycles and sports equipment. The dinette has enough space for six people, creating a space perfect for family meals.

  • 6 Berth
  • 6 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Zefiro 690

For families who like to travel in comfort, the Zefiro 690 includes a fitted double bed to relax in at the end of a long day. Being able to sleep six with six dining places, the hi-line motorhome is ideal for families. With an overcab bed, the 690 features comfortable sleeping arrangements throughout and means you get to experience the most amount of space during the day, with features such as a large washroom and separate shower cubicle.

  • 6 Berth
  • 6 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Zefiro 685

An ideal motorhome for those who enjoy entertaining guests, the Zefiro 685 features five beds. Much like a hi-line motorhome, you can still benefit from an extra bed with this low profile Zefiro, with a double drop down bed above the lounge, easily storable during the day. A large garage is accessible from both the inside and outside, with storage space beneath the single beds being accessible from external ‘G’ doors.

  • 5 Berth
  • 5 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Zefiro 696

For ultimate luxury, the Zefiro 696 includes an island bed towards the rear with bed side tables, providing that hotel feeling. This 5 berth motorhome includes a drop down bed which is quick and easy to assemble, and easy to stow away during the day. Offering a comfortable extra bed for guests whilst maintaining the same great amount of space. The L-shaped lounge creates seating for up to 5 people during the day.

  • 5 Berth
  • 5 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Auto-Roller 746

Perfect for socialising and relaxing at the end of the day, the 746 offers a 6ft U-shaped lounge, easily converting into either a single or double bed come night. The double dinette provides even more seating and another double bed, along with the overcab bed, there is comfortable sleeping areas for up to six people. With no fitted beds, the 746 makes the most of the space during both the day and the evenings.

  • 6 Berth
  • 5 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Auto-Roller 707

Roller Team’s only 7 berth motorhome, the Auto-Roller 707, is the ultimate family motorhome. This lo line motorhome has been expertly designed to fit 7 comfortable beds throughout the model, including twin rear bunks, a drop down bed, and lounge beds. Whether you are traveling as a family or taking a group holiday, the large 707 motorhome provides everything you need. If you don’t require all the beds, the bottom rear bunk can be stowed away to create a large garage space, ideal for bicycles or sports equipment.

  • 7 Berth
  • 6 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Auto-Roller 747

The 747 offers comfortable sleeping arrangements for up to 6 people in the lo-profile motorhome. If you find yourself relaxing in the evenings, the large U-shaped lounge provides the perfect space for everyone to sit and socialise, doubling as another bed come night. The double dinette offers seating next to the kitchen, with a mounted table making it ideal for meal times.

  • 6 Berth
  • 6 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
T-Line 590

Measuring just under 6m, the compact T-Line 590 four berth, provides a coachbuilt motorhome with all of the features without being too large and difficult to drive. The 590 makes no compromises on features, with a spacious rear washroom and storage space accessible from both the inside and out. For couples who love to travel and explore, this lo-line motorhome provides everything you need.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
T-Line 740

The T-Line 740 provides a rear island bed offering sleeping luxury, accessible from either side and includes two wardrobes. This rear bedroom is like no other, with steps leading up to the double bed from the central, modern washroom. Sliding doors off the bedroom and toilet keep day and night separate, and offer more privacy. An L-shaped dinette provides comfortable seating during meal times and the evening, with a mounted table for meals and drinks.

  • 5 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
T-Line 785

The T-Line 785 is generous with storage, offering draws and wardrobes under beds and steps. The twin beds in a separate bedroom have the option to be joined to create a double bed, and offer privacy and separation from the main living area. Ideal for couples, the 785 also offers a drop down bed, great for children or those surprise guests. For a comfy place to relax and enjoy meals together, the L-shaped dinette provides comfortable and stylish seating.

  • 5 Berth
  • 5 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Pegaso 740

The A-Class motorhome provides a similar layout to the T-Line 740, with a central washroom and rear island bed. The bed can be lowered to suit your needs and a drop down bed above the lounge offers curtains for added privacy. The extra space in the Pegaso allows for a larger lounge, with comfortable seating for meal times and relaxing at the end of the day.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
Pegaso 745

Whether you are a couple touring for extended periods or a family seeking a weekend retreat, this flexible four berth vehicle provides luxury and practicality in equal amounts. A drop-down bed over the cab provides a sumptuous double for a beautiful night’s sleep and a huge rear u-shaped lounge provides ample space to relax and unwind. Transform the rear seating area using the ingenious pull-out mechanism and you will find a second 7ft by 6.1ft giant double bed. Full of modern design features and a high level of specification, this motorhome is one of the most cost effective A-Class vehicles on the market.

As with its stable mate the 740, the 745 features masses of features as standard. This includes, a side to side garage, solar panel, colour reversing camera, additional leisure battery and four bike cycle carrier.

  • 4 Berth
  • 4 Seatbelts
  • 130 BHP (as standard)
  • 3500kgs
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Starting from
(On the road)
Standard engine
(options available)
Technical Specifications
Mechanical unit Fiat Ducato
Engine 2.3 MJ 96 KW (130CV)
BHP 130
Weight 3500
Length 7.35m
Mass in running order (Kg) 2991
Maximum gross vehicle weight 3500
3650 Kg Maximum gross vehicle weight £ Cost option
Towable weight 2000 Kg
External length 7350
External width 2350
External height 2950
Wheels dimensions 15"
Manual air conditioning £ Cost option
Driver airbag ✔ Included as standard
Passenger airbag £ Cost option
Cruise control with speed limiter £ Cost option
Rear camera with monitor integrated in the rear mirror £ Cost option
Solar panel (fitted) ✔ Included as standard
Entrance door with two central locking points and bin x Not available
Entrance door with fixed window ✔ Included as standard
Flyscreen for entrance door ✔ Included as standard
Pleated cab blind £ Cost option
Flex space (rear bed height adjustment) x Not available
Cab seat covers ✔ Included as standard
Additional seat rear bed x Not available
Beds with staves ✔ Included as standard
Seatbelts 6
Berths 6
Rear bed (mm) 2160 x 1880
Bed in Dinette (mm) 1800x1280
Overcab bed (mm) x Not available
Elevating bed (mm) 1900x1360(1270)
External and internal height (mm) 2950 / 2080
Floor / walls / roof thickness (mm) 54 / 31 / 31
Material for walls / insulation VTR / STYROFOAM
Material for roof (hail roof) / insulation VTR / STYROFOAM
Material for floor / insulation VTR / STYROFOAM
Space for 2 gas bottles (tot. Max 15 Kg) ✔ Included as standard
Tank capacity : clear water / wastewater (L**) 20 (100)/105
ESP ✔ Included as standard
Traction + ✔ Included as standard
Painted bumpers / metalised cab ✔ Included as standard
Colour pack for cabina £ Cost option
Fog lights £ Cost option
LED daytime running lights (by Fiat) £ Cost option
Bluetooth radio with steering wheel radio controls £ Cost option
Large 5'' colour touch screen radio/CD player, i navigation system (TomTom) £ Cost option
16'' alloy wheels £ Cost option
Automatic gear box £ Cost option
Locker (useful opening, mm) 820x470 - 820x470
Rear skylight (mm) HEKI 3 960X655
Central skylight (mm) 400X400
Dinette skylight (mm) x Not available
Skylight toilette/shower (mm) 280X280 / -
Panoramic roof - open sky (mm) 1000x800
Exterior light ✔ Included as standard
Swivelling driver's seat / swivelling passenger's seat ✔ Included as standard
Cab separation curtain £ Cost option
Cab carpet ✔ Included as standard
Body carpet £ Cost option
Swivelling LCD holder £ Cost option
Burners 3
Gas oven ✔ Included as standard
Automatic trivalent fridge ( 220V, 12V, gas ) (L) 90
4000 W combined + electric gas heating with CP Plus ✔ Included as standard
6000 W combined + electric gas heating with CP Plus £ Cost option
Plus combi remote control ✔ Included as standard
Dual battery management system (battery not included) £ Cost option
Winter pack £ Cost option
Heated floor kit £ Cost option
Bike rack for four bikes (max capacity 75 kg) ✔ Included as standard
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